KR Musical Products

KR Musical Products  You've heard the sound before now you can hear it again!! We're back!


 Our line of pedals are back and also with KR designing new products such as a line of KR amplifiers that are small amps based on vintage classic tube amps that are all solid state-no op amps ,cosmos or FET's here!! just rich pure analog tones based on legendary amps!! Also KR is coming out with vintage style Stratocaster pickups that sound like the old ones! also KR's pedals like the Megavibe,Gypsy Fuzz etc,  Stay tuned for more exciting news on future products. You've heard the sound before now you can hear it again!!

News:Oct 9th 2020 We were having problems with our website store hosting service and unfortunately had to close down our store today and we are in the process of opening a new store soon so you can purchase out products. we have a few like new pedals for sale listed below,Thanks for your patience and understanding. Also stay tuned for information on future products! 

Pedals like new for sale:


 The  Fuzz Child(scratch and dent)like new but with blemished finish (one available) considered by many to be the best sounding Fuzz Face Clone. Invoice payment of $214.35 (includes s & h) to our email at paypal: (SOLD)!






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